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2016 elections



Subject: Call for Nomination and Election of Council Members for the Term 2016-2019


Date of Election:  Friday, April 15, 2016. Registration opens at 6:00 PM. Poll opens at 7:30 PM


Location: North York Civic Centre, Meeting Room #3, 5100 Yonge St., Toronto




An eligible member, who can participate in the election process – i.e. to nominate, be nominated, to vote, and be elected – is a regular member in good standing based on the official records of the Membership Committee.  Specifically,


  1. Registered member must have unexpired membership status by April 15, 2016.

  2. First-time member must register by April 15, 2016.

  3. Previous member must renew membership by April 15, 2016.

  4. Membership due must be paid no later than April 15, 2016.


Note: Please contact the Membership Committee for issues on membership status or eligibility.




  1. Nomination Form is available from the UPAAT Yahoogroup and COMELEC.

  2. An eligible member may nominate up to 2 nominees, including himself/herself (one form per nominee).

  3. Form must be duly signed and dated, by hand or typed onto the form, by both nominator and nominee, respectively.

  4. Nomination Form must be received by COMELEC on or before April 11, 2016.

  5. Deadline may be extended at COMELEC’s discretion (e.g. less than 5 qualified nominees, technical glitches in disseminating information or any unforeseen event).

  6. COMELEC and the Membership Committee will validate the Nomination Form.

  7. COMELEC will distribute or announce the List of Candidates before the election.


Note: Timely submission of nomination forms is highly recommended to minimize unnecessary delays.




For the purpose of UPAAT Election 2016, attendance by at least 30 eligible members constitutes a quorum.


In conjunction with the Membership Committee, COMELEC will declare whether or not there is a quorum for the UPAAT Election.




  1. A numbered official ballot is assigned to each eligible member at the Registration desk.

  2. Any eligible member may vote for up to 5 candidates listed on the Board.

  3. If the number of candidates is 5 or less, all candidates are automatically acclaimed.

  4. On Election day, April 15, 2016:

  5. Registration starts at 6:00 PM

  6. Membership Committee must assign a ballot number to each voter on the roster.

  7. Prior to polling, COMELEC will hand to each voter his/her numbered official ballot (plus his/her pre-assigned proxy ballot).

  8. Ballots must be deposited at designated poll box marked “COMELEC” any time before the poll closes at 8:30 PM.

  9. Voting shall be conducted by secret ballot.


Note: Time permitting, candidates will be given 1-2 minutes each to speak before the General Membership.




  1. Proxy Form is available from the UPAAT Yahoogroup, the website (  or COMELEC.

  2. Proxy voting is allowed, provided the proxy and designator are eligible members.

  3. An eligible member can act as a proxy to only one (1) eligible voter.

  4. Proxy Form must be duly signed, either by hand or typed onto the form, by the proxy and the designator, respectively.

  5. Every Proxy counts as one (1) additional member in attendance.

  6. Deadline for submission of Proxy Form is April 11, 2016.




  1. Board of Canvassers, composed of the COMELEC members, will immediately proceed to count the votes after the poll closes.

  2. Tallying of votes will be conducted in public.

  3. Canvassers will scrutinize every ballot and deposit the valid ballot in a designated box.

  4. If any canvasser disputes a ballot, it will be put aside for closer review later.

  5. Board of Canvassers will quickly review any disputed ballots and make an irrevocable decision to count it or to void it completely.

  6. Voided ballots will be kept separately from the valid ballots.

  7. All ballots cast will be treated with strict confidentiality.

  8. Copying of ballots by any means and in any shape or form is strictly prohibited.

  9. COMELEC Chairman must certify the voting results.




  1. The first 5 candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be declared as the newly elected members of the Council.

  2. If less than 5 Council members are elected, the new Executive Council may fill the remaining vacant position(s) according to the UPAAT Constitution.

  3.  The first 5 elected candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve for a period of 3 years.

  4. In case of a tie for the 5th place, this will be resolved by drawing of lots among all the 5th placers.

  5. Information on duties and responsibilities of Council members is embodied in Article 4 of the UPAAT Constitution.




  1. After the official proclamation of the newly elected members of the Council, all Election materials (except voters ballots cast) – i.e., nomination forms, supporting letters, proxy forms, authorization letters, Election summary reports and other related Election materials – will be turned over by the COMELEC Chairman to the new Council at the earliest opportunity.

  2. COMELEC will destroy permanently all ballots cast during the UPAAT Election 2016 as soon as possible.

  3. After disposal and turnover of all Election materials, the COMELEC members and its appointees will be discharged of all mandated election duties and responsibilities.


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