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Our 2020 Online Election is fast approaching. It will be held from July 6 (Monday) to July 12 (Sunday). If you have not yet renewed your membership, you have until July 3, 2020 to renew. (Note: your membership must be current in order to be eligible to vote.)

Get to know your candidates for UPAAT Council.

  1. Nini Alvero

  2. Anna Florence Ponce-de Leon

  3. Gretch Mangahas

  4. Marie Magno-Masongsong

  5. Joseph Redoblado

  6. Shelley Saracin

  7. Natalie Wong

nini alvero.PNG
Anna de Leon.PNG
gretchen mangahas.PNG
marie masongsong.PNG
Joseph Redoblado.PNG
Shelley Saracin.PNG
Natalie Wong.PNG
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