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Come join our February Kapihan with our guest speaker UPIAN Atty. Antonio Villarin.

Till death do us part: What  you need to know about taxes and wills when you’re in a relationship.

Learn about how taxes affect our (common-law/ married) relationships, including the importance of wills and estate planning.   

Pag nagmahal ang pag mamahalan,  (When it becomes expensive to fall in love)  what happens to love in reality?  


Find out and join us!

Pre-order required. Please indicate  menu choice on your “Yes, am coming” response:


Tapsilog:  $16.00

Tender slices of fried marinated sirloin strips served with garlic rice and eggs. Comes with a siding of zesty atchara.

Longsilog:  $16.00

Savory pork sausages fried until golden brown with garlic rice, eggs and a side of zesty atchara.

Bangsilog:  $19.75

Marinated boneless milkfish golden fried and served with garlic rice, eggs, and zesty atchara.   


Choices include brewed coffee and fruits; tax and tip included.


Breakfast served at 9:30 am. Please come on time. 


Please note the venue change from the save the date email.


For questions: Michelle Montojo 416-431-3584.

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