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Summer fun in the sun during our 2015 PCUAA Summerfest

(Pictures courtesy of Geny Toribio, Freddie Magno and Agnes Manasan)

As promised, the UPians together with their friends and families, had a great and wonderful time bonding with each other and with other alumni friends of other Philippine colleges and universities during the 2015 PCUAA Summerfest held last July 6, 2015 at the Mississauga Valley Blvd Park. The excitement began when UPAAT Volleyball Team headed by Reena and Bart Arsenault advanced to the championship round playing against Feati. The other volleyball team members are Michael and Yoshi, Mayrose’s friends from the University of Toronto, Dhing Simbulan and Alice Herrera. And then in the afternoon, excitement again surfaced when Michelle Montojo and Rose Nagallo won the 1st place in the Ball in the Basket Game – Ladies Division. Combining all scores, UPAA Toronto bagged the overall 2nd place in 2015 PCUAA Summerfest. Thanks to Mayrose and Dhing for organizing the players. Thank you to all who participated in the passive games and in the tug of war and not to forget to all the cheerers.

Thanks to all Council Members who supported the event – Rose Nagallo, Dhing Simbulan, Paulina Corpuz who was first to arrive, Beth Vasquez, Fred Gamboa, Mary Ann San Juan, Raffy Fabregas, Delfin Palileo, Marie Chris Rosali, Michelle Montojo, Mayrose Salvador, Danny Vizmanos.

Food was perfect and bountiful – thanks to Terry Chua who planned and organized the menu almost singlehandedly. Thanks as ever to Doc Mario Andres for the lechon, Fred Gamboa – fried fish fillet, Romy Herrera for the lengua, Erika Daswani for the steamed veggies; Terry for the bbq shrimp; Monique Fabregas – watermelon and pasta salad, Rose Tijam – mango, red eggs, tomato and cucumber, plain rice; Rene Sevilla – for the special healthy rice; Necie Mananquil and Daisy Bernabe for plain rise, Delfin Palileo – ginataang bilo bilo; Mayrose – cassava cake and to the Council members who brought pop and water. Thanks to those who assisted in preparing and serving the food – Beth, Lita Liboro, Agnes Luat, Reggie Simbulan, Agnes and Rex Manasan. Special thanks goes to Frank Cruzet, the lechon tadtad king.

Of course, we will not have the energy without the food and we will not have the food without the donors. So, together, let’s ALL give a shout out to the following donors: Geny Toribio, Mary Ann San Juan, Joe Zagala, Rose Tijam, Marilou Parcero, Bay Bernabe, Fred Gamboa, Livvy Camacho, Dan Unshang, Diego Kalaw, Agnes Manasan, Chris Vasquez, Theresa Lumanlan, Frank Cruzet, Roy Gutierrez, Marisa Roque, Ray Sabatin, Oscar Castaños, Evelyn Laraya, Fanny Calucag, Noel Cruz, Ginny Sevilla, Freddie Magno.

Let us also WELCOME our new members – Consul General Rosalita Prospero and Luzvimin Santos.

Thank you to all who came and cheered for UPAA Toronto. Kita kits tayo ulit next year and this time, let us all come FULL FORCE.

Thanks to Rene for covering the event with his nice photo shots which you will see soon. So stay tuned.

Next activity – 5th Annual Tee UP High Golf Tournament.

I may have missed thanking someone – please give me a shout!

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