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Pub Night & Meet Our New Members!

Last Friday (October 2), we had a blast at the UPAA Toronto Pub Night at Hugh Oddie’s (Marie’s friend) residence. We had a great time saying hello to our younger batch – Gena, Vince, Diana and Evelyn and welcoming 10 new members (see second photo below). We also have in attendance the strong pillars of UPAAT – Chris, Benjie, Fe and two of our Past Presidents – Grace Bulaong and Maripi Leynes. Of course, I’d like to thank my Council members who supported the activity – Beth, Danny, Michelle who came with Jojo, Mayrose who came with Martin, I also came with Romy and last but not least Marie and Hugh who had been our gracious hosts for the night.

One thing for sure, we all had a great time during the Pub Night and we would be seeing more our new members in our next activities.

Meet our new members – (First row) Desh Santos, Dr. Ramil Noche, Phoebe Faculin (who came with her husband, also a UPian and would be registering soon) (Second row) Paulino Pioquinto, Joan de Vera, Danna Gonzales, (Third row) Dr. Jordan Dinglasan, Joseph Redoblado (who came with his wife, Lorelei). Let us all give them a warm welcome. Michele Montojo, our Membership Committee Chair shall introduce them in the next few days.

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