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New council members elected during the first virtual elections to lead UPAAT with new committees

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Toronto (UPAAT) makes history with its first virtual council elections held on July 6-12 and its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 18.

UPAAT welcomes new council members

With preparations starting as early as March, the Commission on Elections headed by Marie Chris Rosali with Agnes Manasan and Rose Nagallo as members, released the guidelines for the elections which was originally set to take place at the North York Civic Centre. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UPAAT President Alice Herrera announced the postponement of the elections and AGM which is annually held in April “as a response to the government’s call to help flatten the curve of the virus infections and protect the vulnerable populations of Toronto.”

Members agreed after an online survey that the elections will be held online. The Membership Committee headed by Pat Ramirez assigned six-digit unique codes to Active Members which were used during the online ballot elections designed by the IT Committee headed by Alfredo Natal, Jr. The casting of votes ran for seven days.

Three new members were proclaimed during the AGM to join the incumbent council: Maria Roseni Mendoza-Alvaro, Gretchen Mangahas and Anna Florence Ponce de Leon. Meanwhile, Natalie Therese Bisnar-Wong and Joseph Redoblado were re-elected to continue serving the association in achieving UPAAT’s objectives:

1. To maintain meaningful engagement with the University and its constituencies, in support of

their objectives;

2. To mobilize alumni based in the GTA to foster stronger bonds among its members and to

pursue their common interests and goals for their mutual benefit;

3. To pursue progressive initiatives that shall contribute to the national development in the

Philippines; and,

4. To participate positively in Canadian political, social and economic affairs for the benefit of

the mainstream society and, particularly, the local Filipino community.

Herrera, who is the incumbent president and has actively led UPAAT, will continue to take the lead along with new officers for 2020-2021 who were elected during the virtual council meeting held on August 16. These are:

Vice President Finance - Tess Michelle Maquiso-Montojo

Vice President External – Maria Roseni Mendoza-Alvero

Secretary - Jannet Tagaza

Assistant Secretary - Natalie Therese Bisnar-Wong

Treasurer - Vanessa Paglicauan

Auditor – Anna Florence Ponce de Leon

Public Affairs & Communications Officer - Joseph Redoblado

The council has consistently guided the association that has grown over the years with the dedication and support of the past councils and the active participation of members.

Ad Hoc Committees to better serve members and community

Ad Hoc Committees were created in addition to the already existing Standing Committees to widen the reach of the services of UPAAT. Committees are currently planning and organizing for activities and events for this year. The council is encouraging UPAAT members to contribute their talents and skills to the association’s committees to achieve our shared goals. If interested, please email the council at: and indicate which committee you wish to be a member of.

Standing Committees

University Relations Committee

Chair: Alice Herrera

  • Ensure that all financial assistance programs are properly defined and is responsible for determining and administering assistance

  • Coordinate with the offices of the University of the Philippines and evaluates the financial assistance programs

Membership Committee

Chair: Pat Ramirez

  • Campaign and recruit members as well as define the rules governing the exercises of rights and privileges of members

  • Plan and adopt collection of fees, contributions; investigate and recommend remedial action regarding incidents and behaviors that may be prejudicial to the interest of UPAAT

Assets and Archival Committee

Chair: Jannet Tagaza

  • Collect, take custody of, catalogue and archive all assets of the Association and ensure that such assets are properly conveyed from one administration to the next

Ad Hoc Committees

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Chair: Michelle Montojo

  • Develop and implement fundraising strategies for the various UPAAT projects

  • Coordinate with other committees and determine the financial needs of UPAAT

Socials and Events Committee

Chair: Diana Roldan

  • Identify and design social events, gatherings, networking and other activities to develop camaraderie and connections among members

Education and Awareness Committee

Chair: Mayrose Salvador

  • Develop and implement activities to provide information, awareness and education to UPAAT and the Filipino-Canadian Community

Promotions and Publications Committee

Chair: Gretchen Mangahas

  • Develop marketing and promotions strategies for UPAAT projects

  • Create and manage content on UPAAT’s social media and website

Policy and Guidelines Committee

Chair: Alice Herrera

  • Identify and develop policies and guidelines around the governance of UPAAT

  • Review, enhance and expand the by-laws of UPAAT

Information Technology

Chair: Alfredo Natal, Jr.

  • Develop and maintain the UPAAT’s website

  • Design and recommend cost effective platforms for data and information management

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